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SDHF Newsletter No.49J: 中国の尖閣領有権に一点の論拠なし(中文版)  :栗原茂男

栗原茂男 様,
英文版は、http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/79_S4.pdf です。
皆様のお知り合いの中国人等に知らせてあげてください。   発信する会 茂木
   Not a single basis for China’s Claim over Senkaku Islands
As is well-known, China had never claimed sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands until 1968, when the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East published its survey findings, which noted the possible existence of huge
resources below the seabed surrounding the Senkaku Islands.
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, in his address made at the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2012, reiterated that Japan “stole” the Islands.
This, however, is a sheer lie, without any basis at all in historical fact and international law. This is fully verified by a paper below, which has been uploaded to our Website.
  * The Senklaku Islands Constitute an Intrinsic Part of Japan
Now its Chinese language version is now available.
?所皆知, 在1968年, ?合国????委?会(ECAFE)?表尖?海域埋藏着巨大?源的可能性之前, 中国从来没有主???有尖?的?有?。
然而?在的中国不?厚着?皮公然主?尖?的?有?, 外交部????甚至在?合国?会(2012年9月27日) 的演?中一再??「日本窃取了尖?」。
??的??完全没有史?和国?法可作依据, ?直是「一派胡言」。以下是登?于「史?向世界?播之会」的网站上, ??中国所捏造的?言提出整体性??的?文。
Questions are welcome.
MOTEKI Hiromichi, Secretary General
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact
Phone: 03-3519-4366
Fax: 03-3519-4367
Email moteki@sdh-fact.com
Note: Japanese names are rendered surname first in accordance with Japanese custom.

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