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SDHF Newsletter No.43J: 共産主義の戦争挑発を隠蔽した東京裁判 : 栗原茂男



 栗原茂男 様,


 この不法な東京裁判の裁きを支える歴史観がいわゆる「東京裁判史観」であるが、日本は未だにこの歴史観の支配下にあるというのが嘆かわしい現実である。はっきりいえば、東京裁判史観は日本の暗黙の『国是』なのである。これを真っ向から否定した「日本は侵略国ではない、良い国であった」という発言が高官から発せられると、条件反射のようによってたかってたたかれことになる。 田母神論文のケースがそれである。



2、東京裁判 日本の弁明(小堀桂一郎)http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/66_S4.pdf


 英訳文は下記の通り世界のマスコミ・学者等4千名余に発信した。                                     発信する会 茂木

       The Tokyo Trials shroud communist warmongering 

   The Tokyo Trials punished Japan for waging “aggressive war”. The Allied powers did everything they could  to deny Japan an adequate defense. More than two-thirds of the evidence submitted by the defence was rejected by prosecutors or presiding judges by arbitrary reasons.
(See “The Tokyo Trials:The Unheard Defense” written and edited by Dr. Kobori
   http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/66_S4.pdf )

   One important aspect of the defects of the Tokyo Trials concerns the lack of discussion of Communism. Japan’s pre-war foreign policy was designed to address a fundamental concern – the spread of Communism.  Not only was Japan anxious of the military threat posed by the Soviet Union, given her close proximity, but Japan was also fearful of the spread of Communism in chaotic and lawless China.

   Japan’s pre-war fear of Communism, especially in Asia, was indeed realized after the war. Documentation of the  violent anti-Japanese campaigns waged by both Chinese Communists and Nationalists were not even allowed to be presented in the courtroom due to the presense of a Soviet Judge.

   Dr. Kobori explains in detail how the trial judgments were distorted by this unfair procedural detail. To make the matter worse, this fact has not been given a due attention in discussions of the Tokyo Trials.  
*Summary: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/88_S2.pdf

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for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact
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Note: Japanese names are rendered surname first in accordance with Japanese custom.

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