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アメリカを巻き込んだコミンテルンの東アジア赤化戦略    BY 栗原茂男


題は 『 SDHF Newsletter No.38:アメリカを巻き込んだコミンテルンの東アジア赤化戦略』 です。




栗原茂男 様,



 主な組織は、「アメリカ中国人民友の会」(機関紙編集長フィリップ・ジャッフェ)、「太平洋調査会」(事務総長エドワード・カーター)、「中国支援評議会」(常任理事フィリップ・ジャッフェ)、「日本の中国侵略に加担しないアメリカ委員会」(発起人フィリップ・ジャッフェ、T.A.ビッソン)などであるが、組織を実質的に動かしていた人物が( )に示されているがいずれもコミンテルン工作員であることが確認されている。



                発信する会 茂木弘道

     How the US became entangled in the Comintern’s master plan   

With the opening of Russian archives in 1991 and release of intercepted and
decrypted messages transmitted from American spies to the USSR, the “Venona
files,” in 1995, the widespread infiltration of Soviet agents within the
Administration of Franklin D. Roosevet has been confirmed. Soviet influence
in part explains the dramatic shift from a noninterventionist nation

noninterventionist nation to one that actively promotes the interests of the
Soviet Union.

Most anti-Japanese movements organized in America were intiated by
Comintern-influenced communists and their sympathizers invloving Christian
societies and liberal intellectuals. They supported Chiang Kai-shek and the
Nationalist party’s fight against Japan and demanded that the US government
embargo the export of critical materilas to Japan.

The US government further supported China by sending military pilots under
the guise of a voluntary corps (actually disguised army and navy pilots)
“Flying Tigers”. This project was the responsibility of Lauchlin Currie,
special assistant to the President, who has since been confirmed as a
Comintern agent by “Venona files.” This policy in turn lead to war between
the US and Japan.

*Summary: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/83_S2.pdf
*Full text: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/83_S4.pdf
*Author profile: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/83_S3.pdf

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MOTEKI Hiromichi, Secretary General
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact
Phone: 03-3519-4366
Fax: 03-3519-4367
Email moteki@sdh-fact.com
URL http://www.sdh-fact.com

Note: Japanese names are rendered surname first in accordance with Japanese custom.

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