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竹島は日本領であるという如何しようもない真実 BY 栗原茂男


「月山 明博(つきやま あきひろ)」 こと 「李 明博」 が強気になる背景には実権を握る政治家にコリアンジャパニーズが多いという事があると思われます。



栗原茂男 様,






             発信する会 茂木弘道

Newly authorized Japanese middle school history textbooks to be used beginning next April refer to Takeshima as Japanese territory.

Upon learning this, South Koreans angrily protest againsted Japan.
Even South Korean President Lee Myong-bak stated at a press conference on April 1 that“Even if there were an upheaval of heaven and earth, that won’t
change the fact that Dokdo is our island.”

We can easily refute his insistence by just showing three points;
1) historical materials; 2) the fact that the Japanese government proposed
to submit the dispute to International Court of Justice for arbitration
on September 25, 1954, but Korea declined to participate; 3) the fact that
Korean demands to incorporate the island into Korean territory was plainly
refused by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Dean Rusk on August 10, 1951.

The paper uploaded in our website will convince you of our arguments.

“Takeshima(Dokdo) Island is undeniably Japanese territory”


Questions are welcome.


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Secretary General
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact
Phone: 03-3519-4366
Fax: 03-3519-4367
Email moteki@sdh-fact.com
URL http://www.sdh-fact.com

Note: Japanese names are rendered surname first in accordance with Japanese custom.

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